The Moran Family prides itself on operating the finest aged care facilities throughout Australia for over half a century. we asked Executive Director, Mark Moran, about what makes mark mark moran at Little Bay so special.
The Moran Family have been in aged care for over fifty five years. We've seen a lot of nursing homes in those fifty five years. mark mark moran at Little Bay is by far the finest facility that I've ever seen. Here's an example of how affordable it is. I had a couple come in whose father has a house in Taree, north of Sydney, about 3 hours drive. He's a pensioner, he owns his own house and we said that we can structure it so that he can afford mark mark moran at Little Bay. and this is Taree real estate versus Sydney real estate. basically any pensioner who owns their own house can afford us here. and that mean that it is pretty much open to everybody.

What makes it stand out is its location, I mean it's situated right here on the bay, which is absolutely stunning. The building itself was built by Multiplex, the rooms are huge, for a nursing home they're huge, and the ceilings are high, the space, the lightness, you name it, this facility has it. Our biggest focus, however, is care. The facility manager alone has the reputation amongst GPs in the Eastern Suburbs as providing the best care there is. In addition to her, you've had directors of nursing, senior managers also involved in the facility. One's an educator, one's a lifestyle manager, and so you've got this unique team, that are providing the very best of care to your loved ones.

Now, in addition to the care, it's the lifestyle, it's the activities. You've got a physio, a full-time physiotherapist on the staff. I don't know of another facility in Australia that has that. There may be some, but I don't know of it. You've got the environment, you've got activities, so that the residents will be taken out on bus outings, or just taken down to Little Bay itself. There's beautiful bushwalks, there's beautiful beach walks, they can swim, you can do all those sorts of things that your ordinary, even upmarket, aged care facility just doesn't have. mark mark moran at Little Bay is really second to none, anywhere really in the world.

One of the more important areas of an elderly person's life is food. It's something they get three times a day, and it is just a big part of their lifestyle, they look forward to their meals. What mark mark moran at Little Bay have, for 2010, is Australia's best chef, Mark Best. He's the number one chef by the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide, he's got three hats. And once a fortnight, he's going to be preparing a French-influenced dish, designed for the elderly. But it's bringing the very best of outside living into the facility. In addition, you've also got family occasions, so we've got a top caterer who comes in, the family gets together, Mum or Dad may be too sick or too frail or unwell on a particular day to go out, so the family has come to them. And that is so important to include the elderly, the sick, the frail, elderly people. And we have people at our facility, one lady came in the other day, and she is a Holocaust survivor. Another gentleman came in, just last week as well, and he's a Second World War veteran. These people deserve the best, they've done so much for our country, and they deserve the very best that they can be provided with, and here at mark mark moran at Little Bay, we can do it, we provide it - you've got the food, you've got the lifestyle, you've got the therapy, you've got the rehabilitation. You put it all together, and it's a really good existence for these elderly people. And if you don't want to dine in, come down here, bring the kids, bring the family. Picnics are provided - special picnic lunches - each and every single day, just line it up with the staff. So you come down here, you might have teenagers and they'll go swimming while you visit Mum and Dad - I mean how good is that? Then you've also got the local restaurants. You've got Danny's [Seafood], famous Danny's, who are going to be providing a seafood fish and chips once a week. Old folk, they love that sort of simple stuff, so give it to them! You've got the local golf club, where one old gent was heading off there last night with his wife. You've got that lifestyle that is very unusual for this type of high-care/low-care aged care facility.

We've got the latest of everything - we've got the latest of technology. We've got systems that monitor outcomes for residents that are really important. It means that the staff, the carers, can really be in tune with what the residents' needs are.

And while it's important to care for the physical outcomes, the physio, the care stuff, you also have pastoral care - very important part of this stage of anyone's life, but also of an elderly person's life. So you've got the local chapel, it's beautiful, it's the dedicated nurse's war memorial chapel. Our residents can go there, the families can take them there. They can get pastoral care in the home, it's all there. And importantly it's non-denominational - that means we bring in the local ministers, the Anglicans, the Catholics, the Jewish religions, they're all catered for, whether it's in food or whether it's in pastoral care - and that's really important.

Which basically means that anyone can afford it - anyone who owns their own flat, their own apartment, their own house, can afford to come here. This is really a breakthrough, this is a breakthrough for aged care in Australia, because this type of facility, was, is and has been high-end. Now, it's providing the very best for those who deserve it, at a much more affordable price.
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